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We often get asked how good the Green Glue system is.  The answer is, we would not sell it if it did not work.  The bulk of our sales have come from word of mouth.  People telling others that the results were better than they expected.


We have had many satisfied customers and our aim now is to spread the word so that more people know about the advantages of using Green Glue Noise Proofing products.



Music Studio Project


Jesse Page – 27/9/2013

Thanks so much for all your help!! “Pagan Studios in Frankston was built using Green Glue and acoustic sealant and the results are amazing!! My wife sleeps soundly in bed while right downstairs, blistering metal is cranked up to 11 at 2am in the morning. You can’t hear a peep from outside and I honestly don’t think my neighbours even realise there is a recording studio operating next door, so our clients can work at whatever time suits them. These products were absolutely worth every cent and I cannot endorse them enough!! On behalf of myself, my wife and my neighbours – thank you. The entire team at Foam Sealant are really helpful with great advice and customer service and were a true pleasure to deal with!! I recommend them to anyone looking to reduce sound bleed or soundproof a room.

Cheers, Jesse Page Pagan Studios”

Product comparison:


Tacoma Recordiung Studio - Youtube video GreenGlue vs Quiet Glue Pro

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